Clothes Rail for Arten Shelf Rack

This rail can be affixed to the Arten Shelf Rack Series to create a hanging part in the rack's layout to help you display your clothes.

Each shelf board and clothes rail comes with a pair of brackets. These can be used by themselves or with other products.

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Material: chrome steel
Dimensions: [square steel bar] (1)W88.5cm, (2)W118.5cm, 14mm×24mm
Load capacity:25kg

The square steel bar is adjustable in two places (in the front and back) at 5cm intervals from the center.

※Phillips-Head screw driver needed.
※All Arten fixtures are composed of natural wood. Please note that grain patterns may differ and the coating may be unsmooth.
Item Discription Item Number Price
Arten Short Square Steel Bar/ for Arten W90cm series 61-70-8-1 19.45 EUR Online Store
Arten Short Square Steel Bar/ for Arten W120cm series 61-70-8-2 22.35 EUR Online Store