Display Hooks (Double)

Handy display hooks for displaying a variety of items in an organized way. The top square steel bar is 2.5cm shorter than the bottom one, so it can be used to attach various cards such as price tags and POP advertisements.


Material: chrome plated steel
Dimensions: (1)(7)L5cm,
(5)L25cm, (6)L30cm,
Diameter: φ6mm

Load capacity: 2kg

※ This product can not be used with slatwall panels (product #61-124-4, 61-124-5)
Item Discription Item Number Price
②Double Metal Hooks/ φ6mm/ L10cmx5pcs 61-423-56-2 4.00 EUR Online Store
③Double Metal Hooks/ φ6mm/ L15cmx5pcs 61-423-56-3 4.20 EUR Online Store
④Double Metal Hooks/ φ6mm/ L20cmx5pcs 61-423-56-4 4.40 EUR Online Store
⑤Double Metal Hooks/ φ6mm/ L25cmx5pcs 61-423-56-5 4.70 EUR Online Store