Double-sided clothes hanger for Lateral 4. Shelf Rack

Double-sided clothes hanger for the Lateral 4. Series to help maximize the efficiency of your Lateral 4. shelving solution. Attach this hanger to the Lateral 4. clothes rail to create extra space for your cothes to be displayed.

More options for Lateral 4. available at the bottom of the page.


Material: chrome steel
Dimensions: (1)L10cm(front)+20cm(back)
(2)L20cm (both sides)
Diameter: φ19mm

Load capacity:10kg (5kg each on the front and back)
Item Discription Item Number Price
Double-sided Faceout Hanger/ 10+20cm 61-60-15-1 7.90 EUR Online Store
Double-sided Faceout Hanger/ 20+20cm 61-60-15-2 8.20 EUR Online Store