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SE Basics is our great value-for-your-money retail equipment series. The series offers a wide variety of high quality products and tools designed to help you display your products in the best way possible at very affordable prices.
All the SE Basics equipment keeps your shopfitting needs in mind: add sturdy castors, make rails foldable and stands height-adjustable, and maintain a high load capacity to top it off!
The series includes gridwall panels, dump bins, clothing rails, wire baskets and much more.

We created our versatile SE Basic series to provide all the retail essentials because we believe all shops should have access to simple and practical furniture.
With these tools and items you can easily build a unique basics display for your own pop-up store! 

If you are launching your business and are looking for a display solution, we understand that you need flexible, resistant and affordable shopfitting. For this reason we have carefully selected a set of items that you can use for your new shop or pop-up space!

  • Foldable fitting room

    If you’re looking to open a clothing store, ensure that your customers can try on your garments in a comfortable, well-equipped fitting space. Our foldable fitting room provides your customers with all the necessary tools for a worthwhile changing room experience. When you’re not using it or it takes up space, you can easily fold it up and move it out of the way on its sturdy castor wheels. All in all it makes for a very flexible addition to your shop. The cubicle includes a mirror and two ivory-colored curtains at a very affordable price!

  • Foldable clothes rack

    Our foldable clothes rack offers great mobility for small stores! It’s height-adjustable and the railing is extendable as well. Equipped with sturdy castor wheels and brakes and with a high-gloss chrome finish.

  • Grid panel

    Grid panels are great for displaying a large number of items in a beautiful and organized way. We offer grid panels in two colors (black and white) and three different sizes (W45, W60 & W90)! They come with a set of sturdy castor wheels to make them mobile and a grid basket at the bottom to add stability and which can be used as additional storage space!

  • Grid panel accessories

    We have a whole assortment of accessories to add to your grid panel. Think of grid baskets, display or ticket prongs and hooks, leaflet holders and more! In order to decorate your grid panel as creatively as possible, select the accessories that are most fitting for your shop’s needs!

  • Tailor’s dummies

    If you wish to display some of your items on a dummy or a mini mannequin, we can help you with that too! We have simple-looking and affordable tailor dummies (male & female) with either a wooden or a steel base. They’re made of styrofoam so you can also attach tags and needles to them!

  • Dump bins

    Need something to store your items and stow them away when necessary? Our dump bins provide a great bulk display and storage solution! Available in two colors (ivory and mahogany) and you can fold up the canvas and also use the shelf on the inside as additional display space.

Interested? Check out this series on our webshop and select your shopfitting essentials!

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