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Stack, connect and assemble. Box fixtures born from playfulness. 

Our new and original Tumiki series is made out of natural wood from the Paulownia tree. It includes a collection of various components and parts with which you can create your own unique shelving units and displays. It offers modern, flexible designs and makes for versatile and playful layouts. To assemble and build your own exclusive setup, you can choose your own frame, legs or casters, boxes, shelves, rails, back panels and shelf dividers. 

The name ‘Tumiki’ originates from the Japanese word ‘tsumiki’, which means ‘playing or building with wooden blocks’.
When asked about the concept for the Tumiki series, one of the designers explained that they decided to think of new and creative ways to use boxes. Boxes are mainly used to put things into, so they came up with different ways to use them, such as stacking.
Also, they wanted to use Paulownia wood for this series because it’s a strong wood type and fitted well with the concept of the series. The wood’s texture is strong, sustainable and flexible, it has a nice finish and is water-resistant.

How do I create my own Tumiki set?

  • For the boxes, you can choose from two widths: W60 and W90. You can either stack the boxes horizontally as crates or you can place them on their side to keep the front and back open.

  • For the base, you can choose either legs or casters. Make sure you choose the same size for the base as for the box or frame that you order.

  • For the frames, you have the option between two widths (W60 and W90, to match with your boxes’ size) and between two heights (H150 and H180).

Add rails and shelves to turn your display into a complete shelving unit. You can also add shelf dividers in two sizes and back panels. We have three types of back panels: wood, black and mesh.

Apart from the loose components and spare parts, you can also purchase several fixed sets with us. 

You can purchase all the components and complete sets from our website.
Check out the TUMIKI - Spare Parts Section and fashion bookcases, crates, shelves out of this incredibly customizable series!

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