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About 70% of our products are originally designed by our own Product Development and Design Team in Japan.
We are proud to introduce you to a couple of designers that have contributed greatly to the design and production of several of our unique series!

  • Yutaka Fukagawa

    As the leader of the Product Development and Design Team, Mr. Fukagawa is responsible for the direction of the team, the follow-up support of members, and the cooperation with other departments within the company.

    "Our strength is that we can build and propose the total package, from market analysis to customer targeting, from product planning to production to sales promotion. We are good at incorporating the market’s needs into our product development and at branding based on customer orientation."

  • Yusuke Kajikawa

    Mr. Kajikawa is mainly in charge of design of custom-made products as well as the planning and design of original products. 

    "I feel the significance of creating new ideas and value by combining existing functions and structures and I think about product development. We are good at extracting necessary information from various data, and then organizing and implementing it."

    Involvement in STORE EXPRESS products: TR・TW Series, RUSTIC Series, TUMIKI Series, Planning, design and layout of other design products such as Hanger fixtures.

  • Koji Marui

    Mr. Marui is currently in charge of design and planning of furniture products used in hotels and commercial facilities and planning of own brands. He mainly specializes in product design, product planning and branding.
    He is good at embodying the design of human behavior and actions rather than the superficial design of things.

    "I prefer thinking "0→1" rather than "1→100", and consider planning x design x engineering as my area."

    Involvement in STORE EXPRESS products: RUSTIC (Material development / concept making / series creation / design), TUMIKI (concept making / series creation / design), F-PANEL (concept making / series creation / design), Haco Marché (concept making / series creation / design), Acacia (concept making / search for production factory / series creation / design), and others.

  • Kazuyo Mori

    Ms. Mori has been working in planning and design work in the Product Development and Design Team at our company for about 14 years now.

    "I am working on product development with the aim of "fun, convenience, and new" so that we can attract all types of customers."

    Involvement in STORE EXPRESS products: Sign stands, Pop stands, etc., A-shape board Rustic, Table top basket rack, and support with other design works.

  • N

    Mr. N has been working for the Product Development and Design Team since 2016, after he acquired experience in product procurement, quality control and sales department.

    "Ever since I was young I wanted to make cool things that transform and unite like in the robot cartoons I loved."

    Involvement in STORE EXPRESS products: 4-way Hanger Rack, A-shape board for 2-way uses, Acacia Wooden Shelves, and others.

  • T

    Since joining the company in 2017, Ms T has been active as a designer in the Product Development and Design Team.

    "I am in the process of searching for my specialties and strengths. I aim to be a designer who pursues the functional beauty of store displays and who can shape them."

    Involvement in STORE EXPRESS products: Accessory displays, Desktop displays, Hanger stockers, (support in creating Haco Marché and Acacia) and others.

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