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The design and functionality of store fixtures for display is one of the most important factors to consider when creating a sales floor.

Especially for stores that deal with apparel and fashion goods. The "Clothes Rails" must be sturdy enough to hold many items, easy for customers to see products, and employees to use. It is also important to choose a clothes rail that matches the image of the store or brand and does not ruin the ambiance.

However, there are many kinds of clothes rails in the market, and sometimes it may be difficult to find the right clothes rail for your store. We will introduce Store Express' original Clothes Rails to those who are looking for the right one.

Here you can find all our CLOTHES RACKS & RAILS:

Table of contents
1. Outline of the Clothes Rail (Standard type)
2. A wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes
3. Adjustable height depending on the use
4. Excellent load capacity for store use
5. Some of types can be retrofitted with resin caster
6. A wide variety of option parts
7. High load capacity type for backroom or stock room
8. Simple design but highly customizable

Outline of the Clothes Rail (Standard type)

Its design is simple and stylish and crafted for long-lasting usage. It can match the image of almost any kinds of store. Most of our clothes rail is made of steel or stainless steel.

Since we have several types of shape, pipe shape, color, and size, you can choose the suitable products considering your store image or sales floor’s dimension.
Another point is that our products are ready-to-made furniture which comes in a few pieces so that you can easily assemble.

Wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes

Our lineup of Clothes Rails are more than 100 types!
There are two main types of Clothes Rails: We call them "in-hung" and "over-hung". The difference between in-hung and over-hung is whether the upper bar sticks out from the pole on both sides or not.

In-hung is the one which the upper bar does not sticks out and it gives a neat and tidy impression. The overhang type, on the other hand, has the bar sticking out from both sides pole. Both of them are a simple design, and the outer bars can be used for displaying samples.

Regarding to the shape of pipes, you can also choose square type or round type. The appearance of the two types of pipes is different, so you can choose the one which suits your store's image and products to create good vibes.

In addition to white and black, there are also chrome, antique gold, and iron body colors.
Iron and antique gold type are available in a variety of designs, such as those with jewel-shaped tops and U-shaped bent feet, and can be used according to the image of the store. There are also Clothes Rails with rounded horizontal bars, which can be used flexibly according to the place you set them up.

Adjustable height depending on the use

Most of our original Clothes Rails are available for adjusting height. You can use them for different purposes, such as hanging long items, placing items on the underside of the Clothes Rail, or placing items at the customer's eye level.

Excellent load capacity for store use

Clothes Rails for stores are required to have high load capacity and safety so that they will not fall or break when displaying products. Our Clothes Rails are made of strong pipes than ordinary one which is for home use.

In addition, all of our Clothes Rails are passed for rigorous quality inspections. They pass the test with about twice the officially stated weight capacity. We have confidence in the load capacity and safety of our products, so you don’t need to worry about the safety quality.

Some of types can be retrofitted with resin caster

When you change the layout of store every season, it is convenient to have casters to move the Clothes Rail easily. Some of our Clothes Rails can be retrofitted with casters.

We use the resin casters with a load capacity of 20kg/piece which is more impact and wear resistant than plastic casters. 

In addition, we use single wheel casters which allow smoother movement than ball casters. Single-wheel casters have less resistance when rolling and you can stably move around even on the rough surface of ground.

A wide variety of option parts

 Another attractive point for Store Express' original Clothes Rails is that we have a wide range of options. The following is some examples of the options:

"Telescopic bar" that can turn a single-tier Clothes Rail into a double-tier Clothes Rail.

"Stage" that allows you to place shoes or bags on the underside of the Clothes Rail.

"Hook" that can be attached to the pole which allows you to hang items.

"Face-out hanger" that allows face-out development.

The usage of Clothes Rails may differ from store to store, but by using the options, you can achieve excellent usability in many scenes.

High load capacity type for backroom or stock room

We sell not only Clothes Rails for stores, but also large type which is for backroom or stock room. They can also be used for in-store display purposes, enabling volume display in a space-saving manner.

Some of them have a maximum load capacity of 300kg(2 tier-type), even with casters attached.

Simple design but highly customizable

Store Express’s Clothes Rails is simple, yet they come in a variety of shapes and have a wide range of options that make it easy to fit almost any kinds of the store.

All products on our website are produced and sold by Store Express as originals. Since there are no middlemen, we keep the high quality without compromising the price, and we can deliver immediately. If you are looking for apparel fixtures, please consider our original products.

Clothes Rails are one of the indispensable fixtures in apparel and fashion stores. Depending on the number of products, it may be necessary to use many Clothes Rails, which may put pressure on the cost.

In addition, if the Clothes Rails are not in line with the image of the store or brand, they may destroy the atmosphere of the store.

Store Express original Clothes Rails come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and options, making it easy to match the atmosphere of your store.


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