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As a provider of shop interior solutions, we pride ourselves on our large offer of store essentials, which you can use to decorate and customize your store.
Our Clothes Rails & Racks is one of our product categories with the most variety.
What makes our collection of racks and rails so unique is that it offers something for every need. We have height-adjustable, foldable, and portable racks in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Our clothes racks aren’t just a functional addition to your store, but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your shop. 

Here are a few benefits of our clothes racks and rails: They offer functionality with a great appearance, some are great space savers, they have a high load capacity, and offer quality at an affordable price. These modern and stylish racks are designed to carry as many items as you wish. 

Let us take you through the clothes racks and rails that we offer.


This cute, yet elegant series of racks with round edges compliments your products perfectly and would brighten up any shop interior. We offer two types of clothes racks on legs in this series, in black or white and in W90 or W120 size.



A modern-looking garment rail series with sharp angles. It can add a futuristic look to your shop’s interior. We offer three types of clothes racks on legs in this series, in chrome, black or white, and in W90 or W120 size. 



The Antique Gold series is for those retailers who want to enhance the value of their products by creating a visually appealing display to showcase them. It will give your store a luxurious and dignified vintage look. The fabulous color and design are combined with the sturdiness necessary in a retail environment, allowing you to show off your garments in the best way possible. We offer two types of clothing racks on legs in this series, a straight rack in sizes W90 and W120 and a unique semi-circle rack in W90 size.



These urban-style clothes racks and rails are made from special materials: iron and gas-pipe. 

For the iron clothes racks, Store Express teamed up with Sugiyama FE, a group of artisinal iron workers located in the high hills of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Everything they make is handcrafted! This series was designed in a collaboration with their skills and craftsmanship.
The main point for the products in this category is the design, which is reminiscent of the industrial revolution: functionality before anything else. The gas-pipe model is also available on castors. 


These minimalist clothes racks are unrivalled in their elegance. Also described as romantic or decorative, the warm, neutral color of the racks fits in different types of interiors. We think they look stunning in a lighter environment, when combined with authentic shabby-chic furniture and lots of natural light.
We offer four models of minimalist clothing racks on legs in this series, in black or white (the white model comes with an oakwood crossbar) and in W90 or W120 size. For the A-frame racks, there is also a choice between with or without an additional bottom shelf. 


Our series of portable clothes rails is designed with budget, functionality and design in mind. These rails can withstand the daily use that shop equipment has to endure for an affordable price. The racks are equipped with sturdy castors with brakes and are height-adjustable with a simple knob-turn. We offer two types of clothes rails on castors in this category, one in a high-gloss chrome finish and one with a part chrome, part white finish, both in W100 size. 

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