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Our Standard Frame series was created with customization in mind. Consisting of different frames, this series boasts a wide range of options and is low-cost as well!

It can be used for various industries such as apparel, household goods, stationery, and cosmetics. It’s easy to assemble and connect with extension frames and panels.

Create your own unit with frames, pegboards, legs, square bar, round bar, storage box, and shelves!

Select and assemble the parts that suit your needs. We also offer full sets for those who need larger shelving units.

Let us take you through the steps to select your Standard Frame unit:


1. Choose your frame and optional support legs

Before purchasing your shelving unit, there are three questions you need to answer:

  • Which height do you prefer? H150 cm or H210 cm?
  • Where do you wish to place your unit? Against a wall or in the middle of your store?
  • Do you wish to use one side or both sides of the unit? For one-sided use, you can only attach shelves and accessories to one side of the frame. For two-sided use, you can attach shelves and accessories to both sides of the frame. 

Based on your answers you can select the corresponding frame and base legs by checking the table below:

H 150cm


H 210cm


When you select a frame for one-sided use and you would like to place the unit as an island in the middle of your shop, we recommend purchasing the independent legs as well. These legs ensure the stability of your unit in the middle of your store.

2. Choose between an open frame and pegboard

3. Choose your shelves and accessories

When you’ve assembled your frame, you can choose to add different accessories to create your unit. 

First you can add shelves, sides frames, securing brackets, and hanging rails. These accessories can be added to all our frames.

If you have chosen a frame with an additional pegboard, you can add display hooks and holders as well.

Check out some of the full sets we offer to get inspiration on how to assemble your shelving unit!


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