AG – Semi Circle Garment Rack

Semic circle shapes are great for garment racks, they display clothes in an organized and accessible way without compromising on visibility and impact of the overal display. Our Antique Gold version was designed with this in mind and the finish in our own unique Antique Gold adds a touch of luxury on top of that. The rack is a comfortable 155cm high and holds up to 10kg of clothing. The rails is made with high-end womenswear shops in mind, especially in combination with our other railings and tables from the Antique Gold Series.
Product details
  • MaterialsBrass plated steel

  • DimensionsW94.2×D55×H155cm

  • Load capacity10kg

  • SKU:61-97-4-1

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How to style

Offset the rich, luxurious golden colour with some lighter ones, like a shabby chic whitewashed table to keep your interior light and accessible.

How to style

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