AG – Waterfall Stand

Elegant and feminine looking clothes stand finished in a unique antique gold finish. This series breathes an atmopshere of elegance and is developed for high-end womenswear garment shops. From the elaborate design of the stand to the ornamental knobs, this rails will add a touch of refinement to any shop! The sloping arm version has room for about 10 garments. Several additional types of clothes rails and tables are also available in this series, so be sure to check them out too!
Product details
  • MaterialsBrass plated steel

  • DimensionsW48×D48×H125~185cm

  • ArmsL26cm [ angle 30°]

  • DetailHeight Adjustable

  • SKU:2115-18

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How to style

Offset the rich, luxurious golden colour with some lighter ones, like a shabby chic whitewashed table to keep your interior light and accessible.

How to style