Black Iron Bag Rack

This rough iron bag rack is something special. For this series Store Express teamed up with Sugiyama FE, a group of artisinal iron workers located in the high hills of Gifu prefecture, Japan. Together with their design and crafstmanship we designed this series of iron clothing rails and bag racks. The design is reminiscent if the industrial revolution: functionality before anything else.  The colour is that of the iron after it is heated and cast into its mold, showing te playful hues that occur during the casting process. The bag stand features 4 strong arms to place your bags on. With this rack you can elevate your shop with the ultimate combination of Japanese craftsmanship and Industrial and Urban design. Get this unique bag rack for your shop and be sure to stand out from the crowd!
Product details
  • MaterialUnfinished Cast Iron

  • DimensionsW50xD50xH168cm

  • ArmsUpper two: L20cm each side, bottom two: L25cm each side

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Strengthen the rough DIY look of the Rustic series with furniture or even wall or floor sections made from OBS wood.

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