Multi-Arm Scarf Display

Create interesting and appealing display sets with this Multi-Arm Scarf and Jewellery stand. Put one item like a scarf on one arm, and the matching set of necklaces and other accessories on te other side. You're free to experiment on the most optimal table top set up with this stand. It is hight adjustable for optimal flexibility. This stand come in a fabulous antique gold finish, but for a more subdued look we also have a chrome version on offering.
Product details
  • MaterialsSteel

  • DimensionsW19.5×D19.5×H37.5~59cm

  • NoteHeight adjustable

Including VAT

Excluding VAT



How to style

Create lots of variety when displaying your jewellery and accessories. Adding different heights to the set-up gives a clear overview of all your items.

How to style