Tailor’s Dummy -M/F

Simple and affordable  tailor's dummy great for displaying clothes on. Of course, the buste is also perfect to use as an actual tailor's dummy. The styrofoam core allows you to prick price tags and needles in where ever you want. The outer layer is an elgenantly knitted fabric. The shoulders are strong enough to comfortably display a coat on. Comes with a steel chrome or wooden stand. Select your stand option and preferred type down below.
Product details
  • MaterialStyrene Foam

  • MeasurementsFemale: Shoulder: 39cm, Bust: 80cm, Waist :60cm Hips: 85cm, Hight: 147~170cm

  • Male: Shoulder: 44cm, Bust: 94cm, Waist: 79cm, Hip: 94cm, Hight: 148~178cm

  • NoteHight Adjustable

Including VAT

Excluding VAT



How to style

Even though the tailor's dummy doesn't have legs, you can still use it to display wider pantalons or skirts on

How to style

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