Tumiki – Bookcase

Another awesome configuration for our Tumiki series. This square display cabinet resembles a traditional bookcase. The crates link together with small and easy to attach brackets, so if you get bored with one configuration, be creative and put the whole thing together the way you feel fits your shop the best. you get all the building blocks depicted in the picture, including the shelves. The crates are made from pauwlonia wood and are very dirt and water resistant, making sure they stay beautiful.
Product details
  • MaterialsPaulownia wood

  • DimensionsW125.8×D36.5×H125.8cm

  • OptionsAll options shown are included

  • NoteSelf assembly

Including VAT

Excluding VAT



How to style

Tumiki looks at its best in a bright environment with neutral or pastel colours and lots of natural light.

How to style